Thursday, April 18, 2013


No doubt you have noticed that I have not done any serious posting for over a year. The main reason is that I can't afford a computer and the internet hookup. I got rid of both. We are living in hard times pilgrims. And the economic forecast is dubious at best. We might even be headed for the soup kitchens a la the old Al Capone days.  In the meantime a really great blog has emerged in the region, called "The Old Forge Tribune", commandeered by a writer of the first class, Robert Hughes, a well-known person in the region who is currently running for mayor in Old Forge. Hughes scribbles impeccable prose, tempered with humor, compassion, and  a serious approach to jounalism. And all his articles are original and timely, and sparkle with  unparalleled crispness, and a flawless respect for the English language. It is time for the old folks, like myself, to move over and let the bright young turks show their mettle. You go Bob.

 But I will still contribute, from time to time, whatever material I deem of interest to the readers in the triboro region, whose intellectual and cultural capacities are far above the national average.They hunger and thirst for intellectual stimulation and for up to date information. I am well-aware that the region waits with bated breath for my pro football predictions (and college). Even Las Vegas odds makers often check this blog for tips and picks. My holiday recipes are very much sought after too. I am a very serious gourmet (and gourmand).  

I often treat my readers to some of the most beautiful women in the world too. My favorites are Hindu Indian women. They are without a doubt the most alluring and mystically captivating females in all the known world. After that I am bowled over by redheads. The more freckles the better.. There is more sexual and aesthetic beauty in a freckle, strategically placed, than in all the perfume in Arabia and in all the delicious positions in the Kama Sutra, the classic book on Hindu lovemeking.

So....Be seeing you then? Stay tuned....DEF